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Design Parameters

Belt conveyors are required to meet certain criteria for its operation, portions of the criteria ( functional requirements ) are governed by typical mathematical operations which quantify the behavior of the equipment and assist in the determination of belt width, drive power determination and load-bearing capabilities of the structural elements of the belt conveyor. This section covers various configurations of these design parameters used on this site.

The following items are available :

Belt Speed

Suitable belt conveyor speeds depend largely upon the characteristics of the material to be conveyed and ...

Conveyor Installation

The primary conveyor installation criteria are governed by its physical installation. Installation parame...

Conveyor System

In the event of a set of conveyor installations being required on a site, there are design criteria that ...

Design Capacity

Volumetric and Power Design Capacity, Used for belt capacity analysis. Select multiple design scenarios t...

Design Scenarios

In the event of a set of conveyor installations being required on a site, there are design criteria that ...

Drive System Details

Belt conveyor installations are governed primarily by their height and length (which are invariably uniqu...


Due to variations in material characteristics and physical conveyor design (Height and length), the selec...


Belt conveyors are utilized for the transportation of loose materials. The items below describe groupings...

Operating Hours

This is a place holder for the addition of typical operational hours table.


Primary project characterizations start with where the conveyor is to be installed. This section covers o...

Power and Tensions

This section covers the groupings for power and tension characteristics for designs on this site.




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