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Conveyor Chute Work

Detail on conveyor Chute Work

Flanges and Stiffeners (mm) Max wear liner gap (mm) Wear liner thickness Plate work thickness Maximum angle of impact (Degree) Maximum kinetic energy of the largest particle (J) Maximum impact pressure (kPa) Hatch Design Type Chute Type Wear liner material Maximum Liner Weight (Kg)
8 3 25 8 Smooth Ceramic Arrangement CB 8000 20
60 x 8 FB 3 16 8 45 Smooth Polyurethane Chute UHDPE 20
60 x 8 FB 5 20 8 45 500 8 Flow type hard face steel liners VRN400 20
3 16 8 Flow type hard face steel liners VRN400 20
60 x 8 FB 5 25 8 Flow type hard face steel liners VRN400 25
70x8FB 5 25 8 Rock Box Head Arrangement VRN500 25
80x8FB 5 16/25 8 20 500 8 Chute hatches designed for visual inspection of liners , and not personnel entry. Spiral Chute VRN500 25
65x8FB 5 25 8 45 Chute hatches designed for Personnel inspection. Rock Box Loading Arrangement VRN500 25

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