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Project Detail

Detail on Project

Title Client Project Internal Job No.
Bonus Conveyor - Conveyor Culvert Crossing Kriel Colliery Conveyor Culvert Crossing ITH3587
K5313 - Kolomela Mine Southern Stacking Facilities Kumba Iron Ore Southern Stacking Facilities Refurbishment ITH3641
Sishen Mine Shuttle Car Design Sishen Iron Ore Mine Shuttle Car Design ITH3496
Sishen Mine - Materials Handling Scope Study Kumba Iron Ore N/A ITH3770
M34 M35 Conveyor Design Kriel Colliery 1000011286 ITH3805
CRD - MSC - Drive Systems Venetia Mine ITH3861 ITH3861
Radial Stacker LSL Consulting LSL 1800 BW Radial Stacker BD3140
Elders Phase 2 Coal South Africa Colliery ITH3584

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