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Troughing 3 Roll

Applicable idler sets.

Number of Rolls(per base) Idler Roll Width (mm) Idler Gauge Length (mm) Length of Flat (mm) Nominal Wall Thickness (mm) D - Outer race diameter (mm) B - Bearing width (mm) Seal Thickness (mm) Designation Limiting speed (r/min) Reference speed (r/min) C (mm) C0 (kN) Pu (kN) A (mm) Shell Mass (Kg) Bearing Housing Mass (Kg) Rotating Mass (Kg) D - Circlip (mm) b - Circlip (mm) t - Circlip (mm) Idler Seal Design (-) % Bearing Width (%) Shell Weld (mm) Idler Type Roll Diameter (mm) Idler Frame Design Shaft Series (mm) Belt Width (mm) Wing Roll Angle (Degree) Idler Roll Material
3 660 670 14 4 62 16 16.00 6206 15000 24000 20.3 11.2 0.475 2058 9.65 0.51 10.16 27.9 3.5 1.5 Integral Bearing Sealing 100 4 Troughing 3 Roll 152 3 Roll, offset, top mounted, tubular 30 1800 45 Steel Roll

Engine Beta 0.9



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