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Impact 5 Roll

Applicable idler sets.

Number of Rolls(per base) Idler Roll Width (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) Frame Mass (Kg) Rotating Mass (Kg) Url Roll Mass (Kg) Idler Set Mass (Kg) Image Idler Gauge Length (mm) Length of Flat (mm) Idler Type Roll Diameter (mm) Idler Frame Design Shaft Series (mm) Belt Width (mm) Wing Roll Angle (Degree) Idler Roll Material
5 475 188 - - 73.7 12.3 Link 15.9 153 485 14 Impact 5 Roll 159 Troughing 5 Roll 35 2100 45 Rubber Disk
5 340 Link 350 14 Impact 5 Roll 159 3 Roll, offset, top mounted, tubular 35 1500 45 Rubber Disk

Engine Beta 0.9



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