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Conditions of Contract

A general collection of conditions of contract.

Conditions of Contract
This proposal is valid for 30 days from date of issue unless otherwise indicated.
All prices exclude VAT, GST and withholding tax.
Unless specifically provided for to the contrary, rates will be valid for 1 Year from the date of this proposal.
All work will be invoiced at the rate applicable at the date the work is performed.
All invoicing will be conducted monthly.
All liability for design errors will be limited to 100% of our contract price at the rates listed in this proposal, 1 Year from the date of work compl...
Reimbursable expenses will be charged at cost plus 10%. Only disbursements properly incurred will be charged at the indicated rates, subject to agreem...
The consultant shall have the right to cancel this Contract or a portion of the Services in its sole discretion , by giving the client (thirty) days n...
The man-hour cost and disbursements for this project will be fully reimbursable. The consultant will claim for actual hours worked and expenses incurr...
The tender price is submitted on a fixed lump sum basis.
Expected completion for this scope of work is expected as xx weeks from kick-off based on current workload, and receipt of all necessary drawings and ...
As independent consultants, Isithelo and / their sub-consultants are not under any obligation to make recommended alterations by the clients to any re...
Work will commence on receipt of order.

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