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Starting Mechanisms

General Starting Mechanisms for conveyors.

Starting Factor Description Detail
AC Induction Motor with Full Voltage Starting and Direct Couplings The most common electric motor for driving belt conveyors is the alternating current squirrel cage induction motor. The AC induction motor utilizes cu...
AC Induction Motor with Reduced Voltage Starting and Direct Coupling Using the previous base case of the AC induction motor with direct coupling, and adding an electrical starter that can apply reduced voltage to the mo...
Wound Rotor AC Motor and Direct Coupling Drive The Wound Rotor AC motor is a traditional conveyor drive for medium to large conveyors. It is often the drive of choice for conveyor starting for larg...
DC Motor and Direct Coupling Prior to the introduction of AC distribution system into coal mines in the 1950s and 1960s, the DC Motor was the most common type of conveyor drive. D...
AC Induction Motor with Variable Frequency Control and Direct Coupling In this method, a simple AC induction motor Is coupled through a speed reducer to the drive pulley while an electronic controller applies a synthesize...
AC Induction Motor with FVNR Starting and Variable Fill Hydrokinetic Coupling By adding a system for controlling the fill of the fluid coupling during starting and running, the variable speed and controlled torque requirements o...
AC Induction Motor and Variable Mechanical Transmission Coupling Horsepower is the product of torque multiplied by speed. For an AC induction motor prime mover with constant speed, the driven belt speed and torque i...
1.6 AC Induction Motor with Full Voltage Starting and Fixed Fill Fluid Coupling This method of conveyor drive has become the most common base case for medium to large conveyors configured for starting duty and simple belt profiles...

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