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Project Teams

Project Teams

Designation (or category) or name of staff member
Accounts Payable
Area Project Manager 2
Assistant Project Administrator
CAD Operator - Architecture CAD Operator - Civil
CAD Operator - Civil
CAD Operator - Electrical/Electronic
CAD Operator - Fire Engineering
CAD Operator - HVAC
CAD Operator - Perway & Civils
CAD Operator - Signalling & Communications, OHTE & WIM
CAD Operator - Structural
Contracts Administrator
Contracts Manager
Cost Engineer
Deputy Project Director
Designer - Civil/Earthworks
Designer - Electrical/Instrumentation
Designer - Mechanical/Piping
Designer - Structural
Document Controller
Engineer - Architecture
Engineer - Bulk Power
Engineer - Civil/ Geotech/Earthworks
Engineer - Civil/Earthworks
Engineer - Earthworks
Engineer - Electrical/Electronic
Engineer - Electrical/Instrumentation
Engineer - Fire Engineering
Engineer - Fire Water
Engineer - HVAC
Engineer - Mechanical/Piping
Engineer - Potable Water & Sanitation
Engineer - Roads
Engineer - Stormwater
Engineer - Structural
Engineer - Water Treatment & Dust Supression
Engineering Lead - Architecture
Engineering Lead - Bulk Power
Engineering Lead - Civil/Earthworks
Engineering Lead - Earthworks
Engineering Lead - Electrical/Instrumentation
Engineering Lead - Mechanical/Piping
Engineering Lead - Perway, Civils and Geotechnical
Engineering Lead - Signalling & Communications, OHTE & WIM
Engineering Lead - Structural
Engineering Manager
HSE Manager
Junior Document Controller
Lead CAD Operator - Architecture
Lead CAD Operator - Civil
Lead CAD Operator - Electrical/Electronic
Lead CAD Operator - Fire Engineering
Lead CAD Operator - HVAC
Lead CAD Operator - Structural
Lead PBS Lead Planner
Package Engineer - Mechanical/Piping
Prime Contract Administrator
Principal Engineer - Civil/Earthworks
Principal Engineer - Electrical/Instrumentation
Principal Engineer - Mechanical/Piping
Principal Engineer - Structural
Procurement Officer 1
Procurement Officer 2
Project Administrator
Project Controls Manager Project Director
Project Controls Manager
Project Director
Project Information Support
Project Procurement Manager
QS (E&I)
Quality Manager
Risk Manager
Senior CAD Operator - Architecture
Senior CAD Operator - Civil
Senior CAD Operator - Electrical/Electronic
Senior CAD Operator - Fire Engineering
Senior CAD Operator - HVAC
Senior CAD Operator - Structural
Senior Designer - Civil/Earthworks
Senior Designer - Electrical/Instrumentation
Senior Designer - Mechanical/Piping
Senior Designer - Structural
Senior Engineer - Bulk Power
Senior Engineer - Civil
Senior Engineer - Civil/Earthworks
Senior Engineer - Earthworks
Senior Engineer - Electrical/Electronic
Senior Engineer - Fire Engineering
Senior Engineer - Fire Water
Senior Engineer - HVAC
Senior Engineer - Mechanical/Piping
Senior Engineer - Perway & Civils
Senior Engineer - Potable Water & Sanitation
Senior Engineer - Process Engineering
Senior Engineer - Roads
Senior Engineer - Signaling & Communications, OHTE & WIM
Senior Engineer - Stormwater
Senior Engineer - Structural
Senior Engineer - Water Treatment & Dust Suppression
Site Manager
Supplier Development Manager
Technician - Bulk Power
Technician - Earthworks
Technician - Fire Water
Technician - Potable Water & Sanitation
Technician - Roads
Technician - Stormwater
Technician - Water Treatment & Dust Suppression
Technologist - Bulk Power
Technologist - Earthworks
Technologist - Fire Water
Technologist - Potable Water & Sanitation
Technologist - Roads
Technologist - Stormwater
Technologist - Water Treatment & Dust Suppression
Principal Project Manager
Senior Project Manager
Project Manager
Principal Construction Manager
Senior Construction Manager
Construction Manager
Construction Supervisor
Environmental Officer

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