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Lessons Learned

A collection of Lessons Learned.

Lessons Learned
Check head clearance on all platforms.
Ensure lifting lugs are suitably sized.
Drawing Numbering and the drawing register should be prepared in conjunction with the work breakdown strcuture. This should include all project docume...
Do not use drawing sheets , ensure that every drawing has a unique number. i.e Do not use Sheet 1 of 2 etc.
When creating and storing PDF or Native drawings, do not use a REV indicator on the file name. Only use the file name and save revisions separately el...
Ensure that all civil bases include X Y Z Set out points from a known , measurable datum.
Cable racks can be expensive to move during refurbishment and SIB projects. Ensure that rack interfaces are understood when caring out site modificati...
Retrofitting of a chute can lead to multiple interface locations, which when fabrication and construction error combine can lead to interference durin...
If design work is going to be delayed an assumption must be made, tested and agreed upon in order to proceed with design work to minimize project dela...

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