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Friction Factor (Goodyear)

The adjusted length has been standardised to a fixed value of Lo = 60m for surface conveyors and for underground conveyors longer than 100m. The conveyors are the fore classed as a Grade A, as shown in the table. This is in line with the goodyear formula. The adjusted length is used in conjunction with a composite friction factor, or resistance to motion factor as indicated in the table below.

Detail Friction Factor C Length Factor Lo (m)
Grade - B - Horizontal or inclined conveyor temporary structure or in a sub-standard condition. 0.03 40
Grade - B - underground or other conveyors likely to operate under adverse conditions up to 150m in length. 0.03 40
Grade A - declined conveyor - permanent strrucutur e, clean and in good condition. 0.012 145
Grade B - declined conveyor - temporary structure, or in sub-standard condition. 0.022 60
Grade A - Horizontal or inclined conveyor - permanent structure , clean and in good condition. 0.022 60
Grade A - Underground or other conveyors likely to operate under adverse conditions and over 150m in length. 0.022 60

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