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Lessons Learned

The table below covers a list of key project learnings that should be reviewed prior to any bulk materials handling project starting.

Lessons Learned
Check head clearance on all platforms.
Ensure lifting lugs are suitably sized.
Do not use drawing sheets , ensure that every drawing has a unique number. i.e Do not use Sheet 1 of 2 etc.
When creating and storing PDF or Native drawings, do not use a REV indicator on the file name. Only use the file name and save revisions separately elsewhere.
Ensure that all civil bases include X Y Z Set out points from a known , measurable datum.
Cable racks can be expensive to move during refurbishment and SIB projects. Ensure that rack interfaces are understood when caring out site modifications. They can have notable impacts on the schedule.
Retrofitting of a chute can lead to multiple interface locations, which when fabrication and construction error combine can lead to interference during installation. As such ensure that allowance for a minimum of 35mm in X, Y and Z can be achieved in the ...
If design work is going to be delayed an assumption must be made, tested and agreed upon in order to proceed with design work to minimize project delays. Ensure these assumptions are captured.
The relationship between the Bill of quantities and the scope of work is the primary project quality driver, all engineers need to sign off the SOW prior to the development of the BOQ. Ideally the BOQ should be reviewed by the entire project team.
Ensure that the Conveyor General Arrangements include site plan with Compass rose indicating the prevailing wind.
Ensure that there is a walk side and maintenance side conveyor walkway on steel gantries with different widths to reduce total steel costs.
In the event of the installation of 2 or more Hydraulic power packs being located in the same area , they should be separated by a fire break or through physical distance to reduce the fire hazard and down time.
Care should be taken that all Civil drawings have clear SOP points.
Hydraulic systems to include over temperature shut off controls.
When using a screw take-up at a loading point, as the pulley location can move, any loading done at this point should be designed to suit this movement. i.e. any fines catchment should be onto the belt with the screw in its lowest adjustment.
Drawing Numbering and the drawing register should be prepared in conjunction with the work breakdown structure. This should include all project documentation and deliverables.
Ensure contractor is notified of areas that will require rehabilitation on completion of installation contract , and that allowance for this rehabilitation is included in the bill.
All electrical equipment should have phases balanced, specifically single-phase equipment (e.g. Lighting, field points).
Ensure that all area lighting is placed at a suitable distance from Day-light switches. Ensure that this is verified during commissioning and fully tested at night.
Shift changeovers have low electrical power usage, and as such should be structured to fall under peak electrical usage cost periods.
As built drawings associated with electrical cables, particularly buried cables can have present significant operational safety risks on a plant or mine, should they be incorrectly captured or updated.
It is important to maintain user friendly systematic naming conventions for drawing descriptions.
Ensure the BC value of the flow diameter of the material is reviewed for rock boxes, underground ore passes or any form of material storage. This value defines the required flow diameter after the material has had an opportunity to consolodate.
When conducting project meetings, the requirement of minuted meetings is essential. The rule is "if there are no minutes, then there was no meeting."
When considering project timelines, particularly production critical activities, consideration for union actions should be made in the planning of work. It may prove to be cheaper to fabricate at two separate locations, and or fabricate 1 set of equipment...
Commissioning for a chute (5000TPH) will require 1 week of repairs and refinement. Plan ahead for this .
A chute will leak, the trick is to minimize this. Every attempt on large throughput systems should be made to make the system watertight.
Ensure that the WBS goes hand in hand with a layout drawing. Do not use google earth.
The drawing title block and extra information are never understood by the team. There should be very clear instruction on this in the early phases of the project. The costs of changes to the title block are estimated from experience at 1 hr in 10 Drawings...
Construction within 32m of a wetland requires a basic assessment which has approximately 6 months lead time.
During the feasibility and detailed design phase, the requirements for a method statement on the work to be conducted are to be considered a cost item. The engineering firm, as well as the contractor, should develop the method statement independently. "As...
When checking drawing or reviewing designs, a useful philosophy to adopt is that anything to be installed will require the removal of "obstacles" to install on-site. This removal is a cost to the project and it is essential that the Quantity surveyor is d...


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