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Stage 1 Cleaner

Pre-Primary Scrapers.

Url Detail Image Description Supplier Part Number
Link Adjustable Brelko torsion twist tensioners allow the scraper to maintain a constant pressure on the belt, are self adjusting and allow the scraper to ... Single Row Head Pulley Belt Scraper Brelko Conveyor Products E905
Link Very simple handling for easy installation and easy maintenance / Very cost-effective / High economic efficiency in combination with the HOSCH mai... HOSCH pre-scraper type HD-PU (600 - 2400) Hosch HD-PU-L
Link HOSCH has taken up this challenge and developed the HOSCH pre-scraper type HD-PU with the following main features: / Very simple handling for easy in... HOSCH pre-scraper type HD-PU (1600 - 3200mm) Hosch HD-PU-L2
Link Extremely robust scraper, suitable for use in the 3 o’clock position on the pulley, even with the most difficult bulk consistencies. The bulk material... HOSCH Head-Pulley Scraper Type HD (1800 - 2400) Hosch HD04®

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