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Fixed return belt scrapers used to remove fugitive material.

Detail Url Image Description Supplier Part Number
Simple centre-mount suspension system for: Greatly simplified installation. Maximum flexibility to accommodate changing lateral belt angles. Patented ... Link VPlough Martin Engineering
APPLICATIONS The E505 Angle Plough is used as an alternative to the E405 V-Plough when the material scraped off the inner belt surface can only be di... Link Angle Plough Belt Scrapers Brelko Conveyor Products E505
APPLICATIONS The E405 V-Plough is designed to be easily installed in a trailing configuration on the inner surface of a conveyor belt return strand j... Link V-Plough Belt Scraper Brelko Conveyor Products E405
Light and heavy duty application Belt widths from 450 mm - 2400 mm Suitable for service temperatures to 100°C and belt speeds up to 6.5 m.s-1 The plou... Link Bias Plough Martin Engineering
An effective solution for protecting your tail pulley - as well as your mechanical splices and lagging - the V-Plow is uniquely designed to clean the ... Link V-PLOW Flexco CBV-XS

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