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Project Methodology

A typical project methodology to develop bulk materials handling project deliverables.

Order Description
4 All designs to take into consideration installation methods, maintainability, operability, safety, reliability, accessibility and equipment spacing requirements. The design proposed should, as far as possible, be based on a package solution where the bulk...
3 Compilation of concept and detailed designs agreed and sign-off the designs and positions of the equipment.
2 Obtain and comply with the relevant engineering standards and specifications from the client.
1 Compile agree and sign-off the process design criteria (PDC) with the mines electrical and maintenance engineers.
0 Conduct site visits require to inspect and determine design parameters, possible constraints in order to provide the desired deliverables.


Shiftbulk is a collaborative platform that simplifies the design and purchasing process for belt conveyor systems. With a comprehensive database of conveyor components, users can create custom systems and optimize costs and suppliers. Beta 0.9.01

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