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description units detail order
Number of Pulleys c/w Powerpack Number of Possible Powerpack locations 3
Total Powerpacks Installed Number of installed Powerpacks. 4
Number of Powerpacks on Primary Number of installed Powerpacks on primary pulley. 5
Drive Ratio Installed ratio of belt drives. 6
θ (Primary) Degree Angle of Wrap. (To be exceeded by design ) 7
θ (Secondary) Degree Angle of Wrap. (To be exceeded by design ) 8
Drive Starting Method Method to start the belt. 11
Starting Factor Based on Drive Type 12
Installed Gear Ratio Actual gear ratio. 21
Drive Friction Factor - Primary Friction Co-efficient of the Drive primary pulley. 9
Drive Friction Factor - Secondary Friction Co-efficient of the Drive secondary pulley. 10
ηcpig Input Coupling Efficiency. 13
ηred Reducer Efficiency. 14
Motor FOS Heavy duty plant motor factor of safety. 16
ηdrive Induction Motor Efficiency. 14
Power Factor - cos φ Active (true or real) power to the apparent power. 15
Number of Poles number of poles of the motor 17
Frame Height Centre Shaft to bottom of mounting foot. 20
Unit Installed Power kW Nameplate power of the each motor. 1
Electric Motor Inertia kg. m² Speed loss on Synchronous Speed 18
Full Load Speed r/min Speed loss on Synchronous Speed 19
Standard Drive Standard 2


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