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Idler Rolls Form - Base

Idler Rolls Form - Base

description units detail order
Url none url 18
Allowable dynamic load on centre roller Kg Allowable dynamic load on centre roller 20
A Distance between fixing centers. 22
Applicable Standards none 19
Idler Type none Idler Type 1
Idler Roll Diameter mm Idler Roll Diameter 2
Idler Gauge Length mm Idler Gauge Length or Holes Centers for Garlands 6
Length of Flat mm Length of Flat 7
B - Bearing width mm Bearing width 9
C kN basic dynamic load rating 15
C0 kN basic static load rating 16
D - Outer race diameter mm Outer race diameter. 8
Number of rolls none 21
Idler Roll Material Standard Idler Roll Materials 23
Shell Mass Kg Idler Shell Mass 24
Belt Width mm Belt Width 2
Nominal Wall Thickness mm Nominal Wall Thickness 3
Idler Roll Length mm Idler Roll Length 4
Shaft Series mm Shaft Series 5
Pu kN equivalent static bearing load 17
Limiting speed r/min Limiting speed 13
Reference speed r/min Reference speed 14
Bearing Housing Mass Kg Combined mass of 2 off bearing housings. 25
Rotating Mass Kg Combined mass of the shell and bearing housings. 26
Designation none Bearing Reference Number 12
D - Circlip mm Diameter of the circlip 27
b - Circlip mm Beam dimension - Circlip 28
t - Circlip mm Thickness of the circlip 29
Seal Thickness mm Seal Thickness 10
Shell Weld mm Size of shelll weld fillet 32
% Bearing Width % Seal width as a percentage of the bearing width 31
Idler Seal Design Preferred idler seal design. 30
Seal Clearance mm Seal Clearance 11


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